Jealous and possessive, this Chihuahua leaves no room for his mistress when it comes to cuddling his master! (Video)

In Bristol the bitch’s mind, her human Nathan can only love her and her alone. There should be no room for anyone else in his heart. Not even his wife, and she lets them know that.

Adoration is a weak word to describe how Bristol feels and manifests towards its owner Nathan McNeese . The man and his wife , Alicia , adopted this female Chihuahua when she was still just a tiny puppy . Yet, although they raised her together, the bitch has a clear preference for her daddy.

Jealous and possessive , she doesn’t like to see Nathan being caring towards anyone other than her. This also goes for Alicia . The bitch does not care that the latter is his wife. For her, she has the exclusive attention and affection of Nathan .

Bristol never misses the opportunity to remind everyone around him, especially Alicia , as reported by Go Animals . As soon as she notices that the latter is approaching her master a little too much, she glares at him , as if to signal him that she has gone too far.

When the couple talks about it, it is often hard to believe it. So, to prove it, Alicia regularly posts videos showing the dog’s behavior, especially on TikTok. In the sequence below, we can see the trio on a road trip . Alicia ventures to lay her head on her husband’s shoulder, which is obviously not to the bitch’s taste. As soon as she looks up, Bristol takes the opportunity to take her place , vigorously wagging her tail …

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