In Serbia, a woman walks her dog from her balcony (video)


Unable to leave her home, an elderly woman was filmed walking her dog from her balcony. The animal’s harness was attached to a kind of lanyard, used by its mistress to lower and raise it.

Even if the restriction measures due to coronavirus can be difficult to live with, this is not a reason to adopt dangerous behaviors for your dog .

In Serbia, for example, people over the age of 70 are not allowed to leave their homes. The authorities hope to protect seniors, who are particularly vulnerable in the face of Covid-19 . Which poses a big problem for those among them who have a pet . How to walk them despite the ban on going out? A Serbian family has found a way around it, but the method is anything but responsible .

The scene in question was filmed by neighbors. The video , posted here by Koreus , shows a lady walking her dog from her balcony . Being on the first floor, she controls her 4-legged companion, who is downstairs, thanks to a lanyard attached to her harness . After letting him stretch his paws for a while, she brings him back up using the long leash.

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An example which is obviously not to be followed . Seeing the little dog thus lifted, even if its harness provides it with relative protection, is absolutely unpleasant. This behavior involves several risks for the animal, including that of falling in the event of loss of control by its owner during the descent or ascent.

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