A man finds his dog after having cremated him: an unexpected reunion!

In Sacramento , a man thought he had lost his dog forever. In the distance, he had even cremated this canine found on the road, crushed, while it was his. It was without counting on a call that would turn his life upside down a few days later …

The time spent with his dog has little to do with the bond forged . You can have adopted it yesterday and be in love with it to the point of being devastated. Ralph Johnson , an American from Sacramento , had only owned Cognac for 8 months. Yet he had developed an incredible relationship . His new companion was giving him back.

Unfortunately, at the start of 2020, his blood has only changed. Her heart almost stopped. While working at home, Ralph noticed that his dog was missing. Had he run away? The fear of knowing he had been hit by a car crossed his mind. She left him temporarily. But the image appeared very real in front of his eyes. Yes, in the distance, he saw a lifeless body of a canine which strongly resembled his Cognac .

A saving electronic chip

The tears could not be contained. Ralph picked up the body and transported it to cremate it , and try to mourn it. Farewell too quick to be real. But that was without counting on a phone call that would turn his life in the other direction.

A few days later, Front Street , an animal shelter, called him to let him know that Cognac had been found and that he was in perfect health . Cognac was resurrected in the mind of Ralph , who will probably always welcome the microchip that allowed his identification .

The man did not have to pray to find his protege. As soon as the doors of the shelter opened, Cognac ran into his master’s arms, more relieved than ever. Yes, Cognac was alive and well. Ralph was also coming back to life in his own way. And life, since, resumed its course.


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