Students with rescue dog saved 50 puppies from tragic end

In Ohio, an association was able to save nearly 50 puppies who were in shelters practicing euthanasia. A feat that she would not have been able to achieve without the invaluable assistance of a group of veterinary medicine students from the region.

In Cincinnati , the Scarlet Oaks school has made its students and premises available to the Hope Fur Pets Rescue association for the rescue of dozens of puppies from high kill shelters. In other words, reception structures that resort to euthanasia when they run out of places or manage dogs considered to be non-adoptable.

© Hope Fur Pets Rescue

These young people are future veterinarians or veterinary auxiliaries. They therefore had the opportunity to live a particularly enriching and useful experience for the professional journey that awaits them, helping Hope Fur Pets Rescue to take care of nearly 50 small canines. Not to mention the fact that, by taking part in this operation, they helped save their lives.

© Hope Fur Pets Rescue

19 of those puppies lived on a farm, while another litter was going to be sold at a flea market, as reported by The Animal Rescue Site .

© Hope Fur Pets Rescue

Care, play and a lot of love for the puppies

The students at Scarlet Oaks cared for the quadrupedal youth and spent time with them comforting and occupying them with games.

© Hope Fur Pets Rescue

Hope Fur Pets Rescue does not intend to stop there in its collaboration with the school training veterinary staff.

© Pam Nicodemus

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The organization plans to travel to rural areas around Cincinnati and neighboring Kentucky very soon to find and rescue other dogs in need of assistance. The latter will be treated and sterilized before being brought back to their homes.

© Hope Fur Pets Rescue


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