Police and firefighters remove 2 abused dogs from drunken individual

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In Albertville (73), the police intervened in a man who held 2 emaciated Pitbulls in a box. The individual, alcoholic, was arrested the next day.

A long road to recovery awaits the 2 dogs torn from their sad fate at the beginning of the week in Albertville , in Savoie, as reported by Le Dauphiné Libéré .

Tuesday evening September 24, the police went to a 37-year-old resident whose 2 Pitbulls were living in atrocious conditions . They were kept in a box , moved around in the middle of their droppings and were extremely thin .

Faced with this situation, the law enforcement officers decided to call the fire department . It is the latter who are responsible for evacuating the quadrupeds. However, rescuers and police were greeted by the dog owner with an alarm pistol firing into the air. The individual, very alcoholic , subsequently locked himself in his home .

The police returned the next day on Wednesday to arrest him . The man then told them that he had no recollection of what had happened the day before. This will obviously not allow him to escape his summons to court for animal abuse . Especially since this is not his first report for facts related to alcohol.

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As for the 2 Pitbulls, they were placed in a kennel , again according to the information provided by Le Dauphiné Libéré . The priority now is to ensure that they regain a normal weight and regain their health .

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