Abandoned, sick on the beach, this dog meets the family of his dreams

Young puppy born in Puerto Rico, Murray suffers from distemper. Her former owners don’t give a lot of her life and abandon her on a beach. The dog manages to survive and a humanitarian organization flies to its aid, before a family definitively adopts it when it arrives on American soil.

Distemper is often fatal. It is transmitted from one dog to another and must be the subject of a preventive vaccine from 3 months (with annual renewal). In the opposite case, the disease mainly affects puppies who no longer benefit from their mother’s antibodies. Respiratory, eye, digestive and behavioral disorders are the main symptoms. Worse, no treatment has yet been found .

Murray caught this disease when he was very young. This Puerto Rican- born Weimaraner was abandoned on a beach, ominously renamed “Dead Dog Beach”. Indeed, many animals are left dead there every year. He is not dead. The disease reached his nervous system. He has lost his teeth and is constantly living with his tongue outside his oral cavity . His head is slightly disfigured . But Murray lives.

Saved a second time from death

As Fox News reports, the canine was finally saved. He owes it to The Sato Project, which brought him back to the United States for adoption . Finally, in a second step only. Because, initially, a veterinarian almost euthanized poor Murray . At the time of the lethal injection, he hesitated, seeing the dog wagging its tail . He didn’t sting him.

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His new life takes him to Massachusetts . We can follow him via an Instagram account created especially for him. Better, this account allows Murray to transmit , without wanting it, his experience . And so to save the lives of other dogs suffering from the same disease. Proof that we can always get by …


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