Rescue of a dog stuck in the sewers after being thrown in the toilet!

A very young puppy ended up in the drains after falling into the toilet bowl. After unsuccessful attempts by firefighters and members of an association, it was decided to call on a specialized company to save the poor little dog.

The survival of the puppy in question here is almost a miracle , but everything has been done to achieve a happy outcome, and it is this determination that made the difference.

The rescue is narrated in video (below) via the YouTube channel of Dyno-Rod , a UK emergency drainage and plumbing company . It was thanks to the intervention of his team that the young dog was saved .

Firefighters and RSPCA volunteers had been on the scene for a good 3 hours, but there was nothing they could do. Dyno-Rod professionals were the last hope. Mark , the operations manager, intervened with his colleague Will Craig .

They first asked all the neighbors not to use their toilet flushes to prevent the puppy from ending up in the main drain. They then deployed a mini camera to locate the puppy.

The idea was, then, to push it gently to the next manhole , where a firefighter was waiting to retrieve it. The plan went exactly as planned and the puppy was rescued . He was immediately taken to a local vet who examined him. Fortunately, the animal was unharmed . It was named Dyno , in tribute to the company that got it out of the woods.

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