Why is my dog rolling in the mud?

Illustration : "Pourquoi mon chien se roule dans la boue ?"

whether you are walking or just taking a bath, your dog is used to rolling anywhere, especially in the mud. This is your greatest pleasure, isn’t it?


why does my dog roll in the mud? In order to cover up its smell, restore its natural smell and release too much energy to enjoy

, I suggest you find out the reasons for this behavior. This behavior sometimes makes us laugh and sometimes makes us despair.

why does my dog roll in the mud? In order to cover up its

smell, one of the main reasons why our dog friends roll in mud, rotten meat or soil is genetic.


are indeed the proud ancestors of wolves, Dogs retain some of the unique hunting skills of wolves, that is, covering up the smell to avoid being found prey.


rolling in the mud is an ancestral instinct of dogs, and we should not prohibit or punish them at the cost of violating the real nature of dogs. “KDSPE”“KDSPS” “However, not to mention prohibiting instinctive behavior, it can be controlled and limited. Then, you can establish positive withdrawal signs so that you won’t let your dog down, and occasionally accept that it does roll in the mud, because you can’t completely suppress a natural instinct, especially the deep-rooted instinct.

to restore its natural smell

, which may be the reason, If this is not the most unhappy of the masters, at least it is the most frustrating. In fact, usually after shampoo, the dog thinks, especially needs to roll on the floor (if it’s in the mud… Too bad) to restore its natural smell.

this behavior is more obvious when using products with very strong smell, Whether it’s shampoo or perfume,

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in any case, it is recommended not to use products with strong smell. Although this is good for us, it is rarely so for our limbs companions. They will find themselves more vulnerable to this smell, which is unnatural for them.

In order to make a dog without daily walking or stimulation get too much

energy, he can find some form of energy externalization in this rolling activity, especially if he stays at home alone all day.

, but if your dog is like this, Many other behaviors (usually “bad” to the owner) will be accompanied by tumbling in the mud, such as excessive barking, destruction, etc. The important thing is to solve the problem, not the obvious symptoms: stimulate your dog and spend enough money to make it fully thrive.


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to enjoy

. Finally, there may be no special reason for this behavior, There is neither physical nor genetic, because tumbling in the mud is a pleasure for your dog, an activity that can not only let it vent itself, but also make it happy. In short,

I often say that the dirtier the dog is, The happier he is… Let our dog be as happy as possible. Don’t let the clean / hygienic appearance prevent us from walking or let them fully express themselves. “

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