20 loving looks from dogs to their owners that will make you melt

Our pets only have eyes for us. These photos are the ultimate proof of that.

The love of cats and dogs for their owners is as beautiful as it is touching. Our 4-legged companions continue to demonstrate this through their own language. However, if there is anything on the order of the universal, it is their gaze full of admiration.

Here are 20 photos of dogs and cats with loving eyes.

1. Her Australian Shepherd finds her lovely

2. His cat spends his time admiring him

3. A Golden Retriever puppy who has just decided who will be his best friend for life

4. His cat interrupts him from time to time just to look at him

5. The evenings are very cozy with this admiring cat

6. A Chihuahua with big eyes full of love

7. Take good care of your pets in these times of crisis

8. Games are much more fun when you are 2

9. A very touching friendship between this young woman and her dog

10. This dog does not miss an opportunity to spend time with his owner

11. Their looks say it all

12. The whole company is there to welcome their owner upon his return from work.

13. How to resist this cute face

14. Adopted from a shelter, this dog is fulfilled and grateful for the life he leads today.

15. Soft eyes never miss a beat

16. Their first day together announces a beautiful friendship

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17. He doesn’t take his eyes off him

18. A very old friendship binds these 2 lifelong friends

19. Hard to resist such a loving look

20. They both know each other well


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