Missing dog returns 2 weeks later, but not in front of any house

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Almost 2 weeks after he ran away in the woods, a dog resurfaced a handful of kilometers away, in front of the house of a person who was also looking for him. She kept it at home and took care of it until her mistress returned.

The reunion between Jean Mariano and his runaway dog Copper took place this Monday, March 22, as reported by the New York Post yesterday. The animal, adopted a year earlier, had been found by a young woman working in a dog boarding house.

It all started when the 2 year old canine and his owner returned from a hike. The duo had arrived outside the house in New Milford , Connecticut, when a log splitter pulled by a van caught the attention of the Labrador-Retriever crusader. The quadruped then began to run behind the machine, before disappearing into the woods. Jean Mariano tried to catch up with him, but he was too fast for her.

She distributed and posted wanted notices all over the area. Some testimonies from people who saw or believed to see Copper reached him, but Jean Mariano had no concrete lead for 13 days.

The dog immediately stopped upon hearing his name

It is, in fact, the time which elapsed between the disappearance of the dog and its reappearance, 16 kilometers away, in front of the home of Amy LaRusso . The latter works at a local dog daycare called Unleashed Doggie Daycare . She had seen the photos of the animal and knew that its owner was trying to find it. Amy LaRusso was also participating in the research.

When she came out to meet him, Copper was first scared and walked away. She called him by name and the dog came to a halt, before running up to her. Amy LaRusso then sent a message to Jean Mariano to tell him that she had just found her 4-legged friend.

However, she was on the move and could not come and pick him up immediately. The employee of the Unleashed Doggie Daycare therefore accommodated Copper until her return on Monday. The dog had a few ticks and had lost some weight, but overall he was in good health.

Jean Mariano is extremely grateful to Amy LaRusso for finding him and taking care of him.

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