(Video) Patrick Stewart in love with dogs in search of a new family

Due to a very busy schedule, it is impossible for Patrick Stewart to own a dog or a pet. So, the actor decided, a few years ago, to be a foster home for dogs awaiting final adoption. Recently, it is with a little Emma that he shared his life and a few moments of peace.

Patrick Stewart , aka Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek series of the 1990s, is an actor known around the world. At 78 years old, the hour of retirement has still not sounded for those who divide their time between the United Kingdom , their native land, and the United States . Moreover, Patrick Stewart has planned to put on Picard’s costume again for a new Star Trek series scheduled for 2019. In the fall, too, he will appear in Charlie’s Angels. No time for hobbies …

Sensitized to the cause of the Pitbulls

Or at least, just for the other passion of his life : dogs, especially pitbulls. As early as November 2017, Patrick Stewart was taking a video with Ginger . A female dog temporarily taken under her roof after being rescued by a shelter . Stewart thus becomes a foster father . A sort of intermediate solution between the refuge and a future adoptive family .

The cause of this breed of dogs touches him at the highest point. Also in 2017, he joined forces with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) which fought human violence against Pitbulls.

He falls asleep with a bitch by his side

While waiting to find him, Patrick Stewart is having a good time with him. We see the actor shoot a video of him sleeping with a sleep mask and Emma quietly installed at his side. Proof that in addition to his talents in the cinema, Stewart also has the gift of being loved by animals which, he hopes with all his heart, will find all the necessary comfort in a future family.


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