A pack of 3 wolves surrounds a car and chases a man forced to climb trees

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200 km south-east of Moscow , the night of January 20-21 turned out to be very strange. Three alerts were given within hours of each other. Each time, they mentioned wolves present in the streets of the city. The police found nothing, and the experts are not convinced …

If in France , the return of wolves is increasingly factual, Russia is a country where this animal (especially the Siberian wolf ) is on the rise. But we see it more prowling in nature, in forests, rather than in cities …

Is this really the case? The question deserves to be asked after alerts given on the night of January 20 to 21 from the city of Kaluga , south-east of Moscow . According to local media, the town’s rescuers received 3 alerts within a few hours of each other.

Rather wolfdogs?

The first reported the presence of only one animal, strongly resembling a wolf . An hour and a half later, a couple present inside a car claimed to be surrounded by 3 wolves . It could be this vehicle from which a video was filmed (see below). Above, we see the presence of 3 canines, one of which apparently kills a smaller dog. Was it really wolves? Difficult to confirm.

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Still on the same January 21, in the early hours of the morning, a man had to climb a tree to, according to him, flee from three wolves . Coincidences seem less and less permissible. Still, the police , who went to the site each time, found no trace of these animals. According to experts, it would be more Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. A breed resulting from a cross between the German Shepherd and a Carpathian wolf.

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