Social networks: the race for the buzz with pets, a risky practice?

• Lara • @LaruSanson / Twitter

A Twitter user posted pictures of the incident with her dog while she was trying to take a selfie. The animal bit her in the face, inflicting spectacular wounds which could have been much more serious. Its publication raises the issue of the race for buzz on the backs of pets.

Lara just wanted to take a picture of herself with her dog , a German Shepherd by the name of Kenai , but it went wrong in a split second. We can see this by discovering the images that she herself posted on Twitter .

Sesión de fotos con Kenai dirty bad

– • Lara • (@LaruSanson) January 14, 2020

We see the young woman tightly hugging the quadruped, then the latter’s scathing response; he plants his fangs at the level of the brow bone, the temple and the right cheek, as well as on the left cheek and part of the lip. One of the photos also shows the stitches placed after the attack.

The golden rule: respect your dog

Was Kenai willing to be photographed at this point? Obviously, and even if it would be wrong to underestimate the intelligence of our 4-legged friends , the concept of photography is certainly foreign to them. It is more the posture in which the German Shepherd was that led him to react in this way. It suffices to take a good look at the pictures and to come back to a point mentioned above; Lara was hugging him .

If hugging someone is a gesture of tenderness for all human beings, it is not perceived in the same way by the dog. On the contrary, he can then be seized with a feeling of oppression and, in this case, seek to put an end to this situation with the only means with which Mother Nature has endowed him: to growl , to show the fangs and, sometimes, bite like Kenai did.

Blaming Lara alone wouldn’t make sense, especially since her posts can serve as a lesson . Its history shows, if necessary, that a dog or any other pet must be respected . Just because he can’t talk doesn’t mean you can do anything , anytime with him, even just take a photo.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong with wanting to create memories with your dog, nor to share them . The key is to make sure that the animal is ready to do it and not to send it signals that it could misinterpret . Hence also the need to learn to decipher the elements of the body language of his companion.

Not a question of race

Finally, in the comments visible under the tweet in question, several people who had the same unpleasant experience posted their photos. The latter show their wounds , but also the dogs that bitten them ; we see in particular a Dachshund , a French Bulldog or a Maltese Bichon . Races which are however not known for their aggressiveness in the collective imagination . This proves, once again, that it is neither the size nor the canine variety that causes a dog to bite, but quite often it is the situation he is facing that forces him to do so.

As evidenced by these many tweets which show that Lara’s misadventure is not isolated:

Momento épico para recordar el video de mi amiguita @Paufordham_

– • Lara • (@LaruSanson) January 15, 2020

Mi momento @_selevi

– Nicole Torres ???????? (@_nicoleetorrees) January 15, 2020


– IsAAc (@ IsaacRomero07) January 15, 2020

darle besitos a mi perro male sal

– María José (@Majoarevaalo) January 15, 2020

Los gatos tampoco se quedan atrás xd mi Negri

– kris (@krisahonero_) January 15, 2020

Pero miren la cara de asesino que tiene

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– Lazetteca (@vallejajaja) January 15, 2020

te entiendo amiga primero m daba besos junto con los otros perros a pero después ????

– denís ???? (@denibiersackk) January 14, 2020

A Clásico

– Ezequiel (@Ezequiel_mera_) January 15, 2020</blockquote

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