Dordogne: a Bichon killed by another dog, its owner condemned to euthanize

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An American Staffordshire Terrier killed a small dog walking past his house, then bit his victim’s owner. The woman was hospitalized, while the mistress of the Amstaff decided to have him euthanized.

A tragedy took place Wednesday, December 25, Christmas day, in Buisson-de-Cadouin (24). That afternoon, in fact, a dog fatally attacked another and attacked the owner of the latter, as reported by France Bleu .

The events took place on Avenue d’Aquitaine. A woman was walking her Bichon . The duo walked past a house with a fenced garden in which an American Staffordshire Terrier was located . The latter then decided to jump over the fence and attack the little dog .

The Bichon’s mistress tried to protect him, but her intervention resulted in her being attacked in turn by the Amstaff, who began to bite her on the right arm . The owner of the biting dog and his brother left their home to subdue him , but in the meantime the little quadruped he had targeted had died .

The injured woman was taken to the Jean Leclaire hospital center in Sarlat . Fortunately, the injuries she suffers from are not serious .

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For her part, the owner of the American Staffordshire Terrier has reportedly expressed her intention to have him euthanized . It would seem, moreover, that the situation of the dog in question is not in order . Still according to France Bleu , it would have been neither declared nor insured .

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