Cremation after the death of a dog

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, the death of a dog is a real test for all its owners. We do not want to consider follow-up and steps taken. However, for the benefit of all, it is important not to ignore this. Burning is the solution chosen by many owners because it is impossible to bury dogs all the time.

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“dogs proceed? What are the ways to cremate your animals with different types of cremation? Where are my dog ashes going? How much does it cost to burn a dog? Cremating dogs with esthima

also helps to avoid cremation and provides a moment of meditation during this difficult period. It can help you turn a new page and commemorate your loyal partner. The process of burning pets in

is roughly the same as that of human cremation. The dog’s body was placed in the crematorium under high temperature to reduce ash and organic matter in bones. This process may take about two hours, depending on the size of the dog. For dogs of 40 kg or more, incineration is not possible.

different types of cremation reference: your dog is placed in a private compartment separate from the cremation room. A plaque accompanies your dog from the crematorium until it is placed in the urn to ensure its identity. In this way, you will only get his ashes. Private cremation: you can watch the cremation at the crematorium and retrieve the ashes of your dead animals immediately after the ceremony. This cremation sometimes promotes the mourning process. Plural cremation: your pet will be put in the room with other animals. In fact, the ashes were not returned to you, but buried in a special place. How do you cremate your animals? Kdsps has several solutions to choose from in this case. If you don’t have the ability to take action yourself, you can leave the task to your veterinarian. He / she will be responsible for reporting the death of your dog to I-CAD (national identification document of domestic carnivores), contacting the crematorium to arrange the transportation of your animals, and filling out the cremation agreement for you, which is a mandatory requirement for burning animals. This document should include the following information:

your dog’s name, identification number, breed, age, date of death and death. Date of animal incineration and type of cremation (reference or plural).

if you choose to handle all these steps by yourself, please note that an animal death certificate must also be provided to the crematorium, which must be issued by the veterinarian.

Some crematoria allow you to bring the body of your dog and arrange to take care of your companions and funerals. In this case, you must contact the crematorium near you in advance.

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if you choose to burn collectively, your dog’s ashes will be buried in the designated area together with the ashes of other animals in the combustion chamber.

Kdsps “In the case of personal cremation, you will dispose of your partner’s ashes in the way you think is correct. Please note that the ashes may not be returned to you immediately after personal incineration. Especially when you are away, the ashes will be sent back to the veterinarian, where you can get the ashes back. Then you can put them in an urn or a jewelry cinema, bury them in your garden, or scatter them in a place that is meaningful to you and your dog. Some crematoria also suggest scattering ashes in a memorial garden. After the cremation of


, the pain of your dog’s loss still exists, just like any other family member. That’s why many people find that building a memorial for their animals can help them mourn. It can be a plate printed with the name of your missing animal, or it can be a plantation of a tree where your partner’s ashes are buried. This is the last salute to your dog. It symbolizes the life cycle and makes you remember it. What is the price of

burning dogs? The cost of burning pets in

may be between 60 and 300 euros, depending on the size of the pet and the service selected. For example, the personal incineration cost of a 10 kg dog is about 80 euros.

if insured by the supplier, the transportation cost of the dog may be as high as 100 euros. If one of the options is selected, the price of decorative urn or movie jewelry will also increase.

burns his dog with esthima

at such a complex moment. It may be beneficial to be accompanied by professionals, Who will be responsible for all the steps and guide you through the whole process. This is the case with esthima, a company dedicated to the cremation of our dead companions. It can handle the cremation directly with you or your veterinarian and provide your pet with the type of funeral you want. Just call the nearest of the 15 centers in France. Esthima will accompany you to the ceremony of your choice. In addition, you can take your pet to the cremation center.

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