A family decides to create an unusual artistic barrier for their dog obsessed with the outdoors. The result makes passers-by howl with laughter!

Because his dog loves to watch what is going on outside, a father decided to arrange the fence so that he can stick his head through it. He then came up with the idea of making the opening even more fun for passers-by.

Within months of being adopted , Burger the dog had developed a bad habit . As The Dodo tells it, in fact, the quadruped was starting to dig under the fence . However, he was not doing it to escape , but to observe people passing by the house. His teacher, Brian Stanley , then had an idea. He made an opening in the wooden fence.

Thanks to his new small window , Burger could watch and greet passers-by at his leisure, and they were always happy to see him . In addition, he immediately stopped digging . He didn’t need it anymore. Every time he’s outside, he runs to his skylight and spends hours there looking out.

Last March, with the Covid-19 pandemic, Brian Stanley saw that people were in lower morale . He then said to himself that he could do something to make them smile again , at least the time of a passage in front of his house and Burger .

Each time, the artistically redecorated fence hit the mark with passers-by, especially thanks to Burger’s presence. His family made a long list of paintings to paint. Brian and his son have work until 2024!

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