130 police dogs were fitted with bulletproof vests thanks to a 10-year-old boy, honored by the ASPCA

Realizing that many police intervention dogs were not wearing bulletproof vests, little Brady made it his mission to put an end to this situation. For this, he launched a crowdfunding campaign. This led the ASPCA to award him an award.

On November 14, 10-year-old Brady Snakovsky traveled to New York to attend the annual ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) luncheon. He took part not as a simple guest, but as Child of the Year 2019 (ASPCA Kid of the Year). This is, in fact, the prize awarded to him by the animal welfare association created in 1866, for launching the Brady’s K-9 Fund project , News 5 Cleveland reports.

The little boy, who lives in Strongsville , Ohio, had, in fact, created an online fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform in 2018, intended to raise funds to provide bulletproof vests to as many police dogs as possible.

The child says he often watched police shows and was sad to see that many intervention dogs did not have ballistic protection . He had said to himself that he had to do something for these quadrupeds who put themselves at the service of the citizens at the risk of their lives .

This is how its Brady’s K-9 Fund initiative was born and, thanks to it, nearly 130 police dogs , officiating in 17 different states, were able to be fitted with protective Kevlar harnesses. 59 others are currently on the waiting list . Brady Snakovsky hopes that they too will receive their bulletproof vests soon enough.

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Needless to say, he already knows what he will do for a job later, he who loves to disguise himself as a police officer . In the meantime, he continues to support the “K-9”, while spending a maximum of time with his own dogs, 2 Poodles named Leo and Julia .


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