How do you let his dog know that the house is not his territory?

How does Illustration : "Comment montrer à son chien que la maison n'est pas son territoire ?" and

ease your dog’s territorial ambitions expressed at home? These tips should help.

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tribal leader is you! Cleanliness is also the fortress of your dog

land requirements. Dogs are individuals with highly developed territorial consciousness. They are born with this instinct. As they grow up, this instinct becomes more and more firm. If this aspect of them is the most natural, cohabitation with other family members (humans, peers, cats, etc.) at home may cause problems. If no boundaries are set at the beginning, the dog will bring the whole house to its territory and act as its master, which will lead to behaviors that are difficult to manage and correct. You are the leader of the

family! Although “kdsp” dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, they have inherited many behaviors of their distant ancestors. Among these dogs, the territorial instinct is still deep-rooted, although cohabitation with humans has changed its intensity to some extent. The territorial consciousness of


canines is closely related to another instinct: flocking. In fact, those who successfully lead the group are those who control the territory of the group. In fact, it does this by chasing down any intruder and claiming that its heritage is what it considers its sphere of influence. It also shows this by discharging urine at key points.

in the family, the same pattern is copied, but within your habitat. If your dog doesn’t regard home as his territory, he should regard himself as the leader of the herd in front of him. If you are higher than him in the hierarchy, you are the one who controls the land.

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and how to be a team leader? Not through violence or cruelty, but by winning the dog’s respect and love. Therefore, this means giving him early and high-quality education, which is characterized by firmness, understanding and love. Therefore, he will obey your orders and obey your rules, because it will make him happy, but also because dogs are usually guaranteed when they evolve in a clearly defined environment.


set restrictions and remove the privileges reserved for team leaders; Don’t let it sit on your sofa or chair. And don’t let it invade your or your child’s bed. Instead of watching him lying on the mat and controlling the access to the gate, let him get used to sleeping in bed. You will put the bed in the place of passing roads and traffic. If you prohibit her from entering the room (nursery, kitchen, etc.), do not lift the ban exceptionally. Consistency is essential in dog education.

cleaning is also the fortress of your dog’s

land requirements. We all know that the main means for dogs to mark their territory is urination. The odor characteristics in the urine of the marked dog mean that it is the representative of other individuals, homologues and other species (including humans, of course). It is the owner of the site, in the area, under its control. Please also read: cohabitation between adult dog and puppy

You should not only maintain the hygiene of your residence, but also deprive it of its supremacy in your territory. This is your home.

cleaning takes some time to fully obtain, but once this is achieved, cohabitation can be carried out under very good conditions. “Kdspe

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