A family decides to do everything to make this puppy happy with only one month left to live!

Suffering from a serious heart defect, Logan did not have long to live according to vets. The young dog’s foster family decided to make his short life as happy as possible.

An adorable German Shepherd puppy named Logan was first taken care of by a shelter before being transferred to another, Rescued Hearts Northwest in Washington State. He was better equipped and more experienced in complex medical cases . The little dog was indeed suffering from an incurable disease . When the vets examined him, including an echocardiogram, they realized his heart was very badly and only gave him one to 12 months to live .

Logan was placed with a foster family , that of Lindie Saenz . She and her children wanted the puppy’s short life to be full of joy . They drew up a list of fun things to do : walks on the beach, swimming in the pool, ice cream, hamburger, snow… So Logan had a series of exciting adventures and discoveries.

Then the kids challenged themselves to get the puppy to receive 100 hugs . They created the “ Hugs for Logan ” event. Finally, 200 people attended, as reported by The Dodo .

A couple even came from neighboring Oregon to meet and kiss the little dog.

The event was filled with emotion, joy, tears and smiles. It also attracted the attention of a specialist, Dr. Brian Scansen . An officer at Colorado State University veterinary school, he contacted Rescued Hearts Northwest and requested that the animal be brought to him. He was convinced that he could operate on him and possibly save him .

The operation took place on January 31, 2019. Unfortunately, it did not resolve the problem, because during the procedure, Dr. Brian Scansen discovered that the puppy was suffering from another heart problem . Despite his best efforts, he failed to replace the faulty pulmonary valve. He did not lose hope, however, because the dog could be operated on again, but with an open heart. We had to wait until he grew a little longer. Lindie Saenz and her family therefore continued to spoil Logan , who was swimming in happiness and love.

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Sadly, on April 18, 2019 , Rescued Hearts Northwest announced terrible news on its Facebook page. Logan’s heart stopped beating forever during the second surgery. The vets had done everything to save him, but to no avail. The dog went away after having had a brief, but rich life .


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