Dog stolen from home kennel found 3 weeks later after being used for breeding

Almost 3 months after being stolen, a female dog was found by the police and returned to her family. She is safe and sound, but pregnant. The thief wanted to use her as a breeder and sell her puppies.

Skye is finally back with her family after 11 long weeks of separation, as reported by Daily Record .

In November 2020, this female English Cocker Spaniel was stolen while she was in the garden of her owners in Fordoun , a village in the Aberdeenshire region, in the north-east of Scotland.

Alerted in the wake, the Stonehaven police opened an investigation . As she is a purebred bitch and given the sharp increase in demand for dogs seen since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Skye was most likely seen as a source of profit by her captor.

The bitch found pregnant, about fifteen kilometers from her home

A track that has only been confirmed as the police progressed in their investigations. They finally found the quadruped last Sunday (January 24) in a house in Brechin , about fifteen kilometers from the home of his masters. Skye was indeed pregnant .

The dog was handed over to Alan , her owner, who had been deprived of her for almost 3 months. The “ Missing Pets, Dundee and Angus ” Facebook page announced it.

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Suspected of having stolen it, a 25-year-old man was arrested by the police and will have to answer in court.

Skye is doing well. Thanks to the police officers who found her, she will be able to give birth in the best conditions , surrounded by her family.


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