Benefits of dog beauty

Illustration : "Les bienfaits du toilettage pour chien"

bathe your partner regularly to keep healthy. If you don’t take care of your pet, it may lead to malodor, parasites, gingivitis (gingival inflammation), otitis media, etc.


your dog’s hygiene habits will have an impact on its behavior comb: Educational virtue

Dogs don’t groom themselves like cats. He needs you to help him clean up. You know, no matter what breed your dog is, it must be taken good care of. A furry dog’s toilet is longer and more important than a furry dog. However, the care of eyes, ears, teeth or nails is the same for everyone.

your dog’s hygiene habits will affect his behavior.

if your dog’s hygiene is poor, it will not only affect his morale, but also affect your view of him.

regardless of the season, Brush your teeth regularly. In winter, the owner may ignore the dog’s hygiene habits, which is an attitude that should not be taken, because it may have a negative impact on your partner. For example, if you don’t want to see his nails, they may bend and hurt his mat, which will cause him to limp. This may prevent him from participating in a sport or become aggressive because the pain is too intense.

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when dogs live as a group, they respect a strong hierarchy. Therefore, the team leader can ask his subordinates to wash their eyes, ears or fur according to their wishes.


carding are very important in the relationship between the owner and the dog and in the subsequent relationship with the carding division. In fact, if the owner does not give any physical care to their pet, or is prevented by it (grunting when brushing their teeth, showing their fangs, etc.), their role will fail. If you let your dog get used to combing from the beginning, he will become a more docile and obedient partner than other dogs. By supporting operations such as fixation, bathing and drying, the dog shows that it accepts your authority in a specific way and trusts the person who bathes it.

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