Adopted 4 times and returned each time, a disabled dog was desperately waiting for the ideal family

A dog handicapped with both hind legs, Bandit had a hard time finding a family. Four times, he has integrated a fireplace. By 4 times, it was returned to the program to which it belonged. Until a couple, whose man was also disabled, looked into her case …

Adopting a disabled dog can be overwhelming . Even more for people who can not give him all the love he deserves. Therefore, they are forced to abandon him, wishing him the best for the future. Bandit was beginning to despair of finding the ideal home, he who had tasted 4 mansions without ever living there long enough.

This dog , paralyzed on both hind legs , moves in a wheelchair . Four times, he thought he had found the suitable family . Four times, he returned to his refuge . He even saw himself ending his days in the prison dog program in Gwinnett , Georgia (USA). That was before Darrell and Sue Rider noticed him on social media .

Adoption couldn’t have been better

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Now Bandit can enjoy the luxury of going for a walk with Darrell . Both in wheelchairs. It has also found its place on the family sofa . The good life can finally begin.


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