20 animals with unique genes that make all their charm

The genetic peculiarities of each animal make it unique in its kind. These photos make it possible to discern the charm that this gives them.

The genes that some dogs and cats inherit give them a certain difference . What one could take for anomalies or malformations are in reality all their charm and make them even more endearing.

Here are 20 photos of dogs and cats that are like no other.

1. Polydactyly is a malformation that causes people to be born with extra fingers.

2. These many fingers do not change the adorable look of this cat.

4. This kitten is adorable with its eyes and multiple fingers.

5. This Highland Lynx cross is absolutely one of a kind

6. Adopted from a shelter, this gray-haired cat is polydactyl

7. A grizzled kitten, born polydactyl

8. This Beagle cross is beautiful, even with his extra fingers

9. A kitten born with a visibly very flexible head and polydactyly, has grown into a big, healthy fellow.

10. A bright white Highland Lynx, difficult to resist

11. A cat born with double canines

12. A cat born with 2 faces

13. A wonderful white cat, with 2 iris colors and a few extra fingers

14. A majestic polydactyl cat

15. A cat born with 2 tails

16. A penetrating gaze and a beautiful coat

17. This cute puppy was born with a tail on his forehead

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18. The polydactyly of this puppy makes it even more touching

19. This dog was adopted from a shelter. He was born with teeth at ear level

20. This golden-haired cat sleeps like a little angel with its pink pads


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