Kumbow, a dog bed designed to last and make life easier for masters

Illustration : "Kumbow, un lit pour chien conçu pour durer et faciliter la vie des maîtres" © Kumbow

Comfortable and practical, the Kumbow dog bed has also been designed to serve as long as possible. This indestructible bed seduces both the dogs themselves, whose well-being and sleep it preserves, as well as their masters. Robustness is not its only strength.”

Finally a bed that resists time, but also and especially the jaws of our 4-legged friends. The indestructible dog bed is the dream of many dog owners who have had, at least once in their lives, the unpleasant surprise of discovering the sleeping of their pet gnawed, or even totally to pieces.”

As if it were not enough to have to pick up the foam and scattered pieces of fabric and clean everything, you also have to put your hand in your pocket to buy a new basket, carpet or bed. And when this kind of incident is repeated, the costs become difficult to bear.”

Mourad Arfaoui, creator of Kumbow, has experienced it himself with his dogs Titou and Gulliver. In search of truly resistant beds for the latter, he did not find satisfaction on the market and decided to design them himself. This is how the indestructible Kumbow bed was born.”

Resistant materials and unassailable structure

To prevent the destruction of the bed by the dog, the design of Kumbow models is based on 2 strengths: the robustness of the materials and the inaccessibility of the fabric to the jaws of the animal.”

The frame of the bed is, in fact, made of high-strength aluminum and the fabric in Textilene or Polyvinyl.”

Tissue that is, for its part, inserted in tension in the frame and that the dog can no longer reach with his jaw to cause the slightest deterioration.”

The set makes the Kumbow bed an indestructible and durable accessory, regardless of the size, strength and temperament of the animal.”

” A comfortable and easy-to-clean dog bed

Raised, the Kumbow bed helps insulate the dog from cold and wet floors. This configuration also ensures better ventilation.”

Its characteristics also make it an easy object to maintain. A jet of water is enough to rid it of hair and dirt.”

The Kumbow dog bed is also ergonomic and comfortable, preserving the back and joints of the animal. Not to mention its sleek design and choice of colors, thanks to which it fits into any interior.”

It is offered in 2 ranges, each available in 4 sizes – Small, Medium, Large and XLarge – to suit all dogs and the expectations of their owners.”

” The Strong range for individuals, in Textilene fabric (from 119 to 189 € depending on the size). The Indestructible range in Polyvinyl fabric, for professionals (veterinarians, breeders, kennel owners …), but also individuals in outdoor use. From 129 € for the Small model. Partnership with the association La Cape

Kumbow, it is also a commitment to an association helping people suffering from post-traumatic stress. This is La Cape, founded by Benjamin Borg.”

The organization breeds, educates and provides free assistance dogs to victims of attacks, military, firefighters, police and caregivers who have to live with their traumas on a daily basis. The support and accompaniment of specially trained dogs allows them to better manage these difficulties.”

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About Kumbow dog beds, Benjamin Borg explains that he had already been looking for this type of product for years, but that he was forced to buy some at the Etats-United, because not found in France. Kumbow, a French company, has further improved the design, he says. This led him to contact Mourad Arfaoui and led to their partnership. Under which the brand donates to La Cape 3 € per bed sold and intervenes punctually during operations carried out by the association, whose innovative character, allowing to change the lives of many traumatized people, seduced the founder of Kumbow.”

Discover the different models of Kumbow indestructible dog beds on the brand’s website.”

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