Heroic Therapy Dog Rescues Wanted Woman On Highway Bridge

As a young woman tried to end her life, firefighters brought their therapy dog to the scene. The intervention of the canine was decisive and allowed to save the life of this person.

The initiative of the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Services in South West England was instrumental in the rescue of a woman this week. The idea was to offer him to meet their therapy dog, as reported by the BBC on Wednesday June 16.

The day before, in the late morning, police in Devon and Cornwall received an urgent call about a young woman who was trying to end her life. She was standing near the edge of a bridge crossing over the M5 motorway in County Devon .

Police and firefighters quickly went to the area to intervene. Negotiators have contacted the person, but the talks did not appear to be moving in the right direction. What unblocked the situation was the arrival of Digby .

This is the firefighter’s therapy dog. This Labradoodle has been helping them recover from their trauma since 2018. His very presence was a game-changer during the suicide attempt, as the Devon and Somerset Rescue Center explains: “ When Digby arrived, the young woman immediately turned her head to look at him and smiled. This sparked a conversation about Digby and his role in the rescue service ”.

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Firefighters and police then asked her if she wanted to spend some time with the quadruped, which she agreed to. After being brought to safety shortly after 3 p.m., she therefore joined Digby who comforted her as he knows how to do so well.


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