What is canine?

Illustration : "Qu’est-ce que le canicross ?"

dog cross is probably the most popular dog sport. Most popular because it is the most affordable. More specifically, what is it? How and where to practice? Are all dogs suitable? What is the right material? Find the answers to all these questions.

summary is the definition of

canine open to all dogs? According to the definition of the canine sports and entertainment Federation, canine is a “speed discipline”, which requires two people to practice: the owner and his dog. This is an endurance sport. The owner runs next to the animals. Can it be compared with jogging? There are two details: the two athletes are connected by a line connected to the seat belt and belt. In addition, dogs can never lag behind their owners.


dog Crusaders are not really walking or walking, just like in the forest or on a steeper path. This is not a walking problem, but a running problem, although performance is not always the driving force. In addition, the subject can be practiced in leisure and competition. It thrives mainly because it is easy to understand, easy to implement, easy to access, and has many advantages in strengthening the relationship between dogs. Is

open to all dogs?

canine is a subject open to all contestants, starting when your dog is over one year old. However, not all breeds are designed to participate in this physically demanding sport.

in fact, it does not recommend that dogs with respiratory and heart problems be more sensitive than other dogs. For example, we think of the French Bulldog or St. Bernard. In addition, a dog with short legs is much more difficult than a Dalmatian, Doberman or Labrador (often found breeds), as are a beagle and an Australian Shepherd. Therefore, hounds, Husky and hounds have morphological and physiological tendencies. Their endurance no longer needs to be proved.

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to ensure that your dog is suitable for this sport, and we recommend that you be closer to your veterinarian. Medical examination is the best way to understand your dog’s physical limits.

command should comply with

. If your dog is not properly educated, it is not necessary to start canine. This sport requires good communication between animals and their owners. In fact, you must have taught him basic commands. It must also include other controls to right, left, accelerate or decelerate. But don’t train a dog when he doesn’t like it. This is a kind of entertainment for him and you, not a job.

in addition, don’t overtraining when your dog is too young. Deformities may occur, bones, not all bones will be strong, which will eventually lead to physical problems.

finally, we recommend that you do not use dogs after dogs swallow food. He can’t avoid stomach turnover, which can be fatal. The

is never more than 10 kilometers away from the

, or very few. The preferred distance for adults is 5-9 km and for children is 1-2 km.Not only is it an endurance sport, people and dogs can move freely. They are interrelated. The traction harness is carried by canid. The seat belt won’t hinder his movement. It’s just tied to your dog’s back. The harness will be connected to the seat belt around the waist of the main control. The two elements are connected by a line up to 2 meters long (competitive), which is usually elastic. Finally, for masters, it is recommended to wear running shoes, because this sport is mainly carried out on trails such as forest, forest, grassland, soil and pebbles.


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of France practices

in competitions Canine competitions are held throughout France every weekend. You must be close to the dog club near your home to learn more.

in short,

canicross is a wind vane sport. It can be practiced in leisure and competition. The dog and its owner are connected by a line. They must travel a specified distance together in the shortest time. If this is a free exercise, not all dogs are destined to participate in this endurance and physical exercise. “

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