(Video) In solidarity, this puppy copies his big brother with a leg amputated when he goes down the steps

It is always said that a big brother (or a big sister) is synonymous with example. This is again the case … in dogs. In a family, a 2-year-old male, amputated of a hind leg, inspires his little sister of a few months. The latter copies him in his movements, his gestures. Including when it comes to going down the stairs.

Bowie is a source of inspiration for his whole family, and especially for Zeppelin . The latter is still only a puppy . He joined the one he considers his big brother at the beginning of the year 2019. At his side, the puppy who turns out to be a female is learning more than she imagined. More than Karisa Maxwell , their owner, could think.

They’re always snuggling up to each other or playing together. There were concerns that Bowie was afraid to play with her, as she had grown taller. But she’s so sweet to him. She protects him,Karisa told The Dodo.

Welcome protection . Because Bowie , at the height of his 2 years, recently lost one of his legs . The consequence of a health problem that got the better of this member. In fact, he had to relearn how to live, and some everyday gestures.

Unsuccessful attempts at correction …

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