The imbroglio around a self-proclaimed rescue association is the subject of several complaints

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The president of an animal protection association based near Rouen and former volunteers will clash in court. The 2 parties exchange accusations; the first accuses them of having stolen equipment, while his opponents accuse him of embezzlement and abuse.”

The association Les Petites Pattes 76, which is located in Elbeuf (76), is the subject of several complaints, especially from former volunteers. Among the latter, Christine Wullai Broutin was in charge of the treasury and accuses the president, Muriel Gallo, of having drawn on the accounts of the association for her personal expenses, reports Paris-Normandie.

She also argues that the person in charge of Little Paws 76 suffers from Noah’s syndrome. This would lead him to take care of too many animals without worrying about their fate afterwards. 8 months ago, the former treasurer filed a complaint against her for embezzlement and breach of trust.”

” Rescued or abused cats?

In addition, Muriel Gallo will have to appear before the judicial court towards the end of April, where she will have to defend herself against accusations of mistreatment of cats. He is accused of not ensuring adequate living conditions for 11 felines that the association had rescued on March 8 on a farm in Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville, where they were held in rabbit cages.”

Last Tuesday (16 March), the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations carried out a check at his home in this sense.”

She thinks she saved a dog, the master believes that it was stolen from him

Muriel Gallo, who claims to have received thousands of messages of insults and threats in 4 years, is also at the heart of another imbroglio, concerning a dog this time. On March 13, contacted by the neighbor of the owner of a French Bulldog tied outside in the rain and without water for a week, she went to the scene and took the canid. The president of Les Petites Pattes 76 claims to have acted after notifying the police, but acknowledges that she should have waited for the presence of a judicial police officer.”

For his part, the master of the quadruped explains that his pet was only temporarily outside, the time for him to repair a garden separation gate . For Loïc Bouteiller, the association stole his dog – which was later returned to him – and he filed a complaint on this ground.”

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Muriel Gallo also addresses accusations to former volunteers. According to her, they had stolen veterinary equipment belonging to Les Petites Pattes 76. They would also try to convince host families and donors to turn away from his association for their benefit.”

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