14 pairs of Huskies spinning the perfect love

Many owners of Siberian Huskies have had the astonishing surprise to see them live a love affair. How not to be moved by seeing 2 Huskies sharing tender romantic moments. Their owners as well as Internet users never tire of this magnificent complicity.

Love stories between Husky dogs are born in different homes. As these photos show us.

Here are 14 photos of Husky dogs living a love affair.

1. A love story set in a snowy forest

2. Dog lipstick hasn’t been invented yet, but one thing is certain, these 2 Huskies are very cuddly with each other.

3. The cutest Eskimo kiss in Eskimo kiss history

4. As the saying goes; Birds of a feather flock together

5. A Husky with a brown and white coat fell under the spell of a Husky bitch with a black and white coat

6. Their love is no longer in doubt and does not fail to move anyone who is lucky enough to witness these moments of tenderness.

7. Beach games are also one of the activities of Husky couples

8. Some cohabitation between male dog and female dog goes badly, but this is not the case for these 2 there.

9. This is certainly not the case with this adorable couple, whose female is adorned with a beautiful pink bow tie.

10. Some kisses are more forced than others, but he has nothing to complain about

11. A nice photo of a couple

12. The garden is the best choice of decor for successful couples photos

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13. After a long romantic stroll, a little break is in order

14. The most beautiful love stories between Husky take place under the snow


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