A stray and sick dog was found in desperate condition. With only 2 weeks of love, her life was turned upside down!

While care is essential for a sick dog to regain health, the love and care given to them is just as important, if not decisive. The story of this bitch called Ellen is proof of that.

A very sick 5 month old puppy roamed the streets of Fresno , California. It was a female whose skin was in very poor condition. She was first picked up and taken to a shelter , but the person in charge of the reception structure knew that there was not much he could do for her. He then contacted Shirley Zindler of the association Dogwood Animal Rescue Project.

The bitch was extremely weak , suffered from scabies , malnutrition , multiple lesions , infections and abscesses , as Shirley Zindler explained to The Dodo . She also gave the impression of having resigned herself , of no longer having the strength to fight for her survival. She was going through a real ordeal ; everywhere you touched her she was in terrible pain .

The volunteer, her fellow Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, and the vets were determined to save her . The bitch, who was given the name Ellen , received treatment for the parasites that cause scabies and antibiotics for the infections.

He was also given medicated baths and put in place an adapted diet so as not to upset his digestive system. At the same time, she was surrounded by love and affection .

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Within 2 weeks, his general condition improved considerably. Her skin was healing , her hair was gradually growing back and she was gradually gaining weight . She was also doing much better morally . You could see it by his eyes . Once fully recovered, Ellen can be offered for adoption .


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