How to feed dogs with raw materials?

Illustration : "Comment nourrir son chien au Raw Feeding ?"

alternative feeding mode for dogs is experiencing a real upsurge. Raw meat food designed by Australian veterinarians relies almost entirely on raw meat food. In theory, it is quite simple to apply it to dogs, but there are many rules to follow.


raw materials are fed. In a few words, what is the share of each food? What is the form of food for dogs?

feeds its dog as if it had hunted its prey. In short, this is the principle of raw material. If you want to apply it to your daily life, here is the “commandment” of diet.

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raw material developed by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, a famous Australian veterinarian, which literally means “raw food”. The purpose of


is to ensure that canines eat in the same way and conditions as their ancestors, just as they live alone in the wild. The main ingredients of


original feed are bone, raw meat and viscera. Supplements (fruits, vegetables, dietary supplements, etc.) are rarely or never used in this diet. Except for sick dogs, what is the share of each food of


if you are considering giving your dog a feed that conforms to the original feed principle, first tell the veterinarian. He will tell you whether your partner’s health allows such dietary changes, and remind you that any dietary changes must be carried out in stages to avoid disturbing the animal’s body. Make sure your dog’s food consists of 15% bones, 75% meat and 10% viscera.

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, specifically, fragments of liver, heart, kidney, lung, etc. some original feed experts recommend giving dogs only once every 2 days.

refers to raw bone covered with meat, The recommended daily intake is 2-3% of the dog’s body weight. We prefer 2% big dogs. For example, for a dog weighing 10 kg, you will get 300 grams of raw meat and bones every day.


also recommend that dogs fast one day a week. Similarly, it is necessary to seek the advice of the veterinarian. In what form is the food provided for


in raw materials, meat cannot be cut into small pieces. It is best to give the animal large pieces to encourage it to chew, so that it can clean its teeth more effectively. Compared with giving dogs the same meat every day, it’s best to alternate: beef, mutton, chicken, rabbit and pork…


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should abide by the rules of raw material. Another important note is: container. In fact, no; The food can’t be put in the bowl. Instead, we suggest putting them on the floor.

finally, you can occasionally give him some leftovers, as long as you don’t eat too salty, too sweet and too rich food. Not to mention those dangerous or toxic. The measure aims to mimic omnivorous prey that dogs can hunt

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