Veterinarian refuses to euthanize an obese Golden Retriever. Thanks to him, this dog will even find a family that will change his destiny!

Because he was accumulating extra pounds, the owners of Kai the dog had asked to have him euthanized. The vet didn’t agree at all and did everything to save him.

The Golden Retriever is the quintessential family dog. He is gentle, intelligent, patient and lovable with children . However, like many of its congeners, it can be very greedy and you must therefore be very careful about the amount of food you give it. Sadly, the former owners of Kai were not exemplary at this level.

This dog weighed, in fact, 78 kg … Well above the normal weight of an adult Golden Retriever, which is between 24 and 32 kg . His masters at the time gave him far more food than he needed, according to Ipnoze . Result, the poor quadruped felt all the trouble in the world to move. He could not run , play or jump .

They then took Kai to the vet not to find a solution and help him lose weight , but to ask him to euthanize him . What the practitioner categorically refused . Instead, he entrusted him with the team at Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue , a shelter located in Parkland County, in the province of Alberta in Canada.

Very quickly, Kai found a new adoptive family . A woman, in fact, welcomed him into her home first on a temporary basis, then permanently. A program has been put in place to allow the obese canine to regain a normal weight .

An adapted diet , daily exercises , especially in the pool, as well as regular monitoring allowed Kai to lighten up dramatically. He now weighs 31 kg !

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The Golden Retriever has even become a therapy dog and visits the sick in hospitals.


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