Tame hyperactive dogs

Illustration : "Maîtriser un chien hyperactif" and

are not just over active individuals found in humans.


canine ADHD: how does it behave? Try to calm down and deal with the dog’s anxiety and provide him with more

activities. The dog is used to run, jump, play and bark. Their domestication greatly mitigates these natural behaviors and is recorded in the genetic heritage of canines. Our four legged friends have energy and vitality to sell. That’s why they are worshipped. However, some dogs have more than others and show an overactive personality. This may be a problem in daily life, and cohabitation sometimes becomes difficult. How does


deal with an hyperactive dog? Here are some tips. Kdspe canine ADHD: how does it behave?

is your dog uncomfortable? Do you find it difficult to obey? Is it a dog that is sometimes aggressive and destructive? In this case, he shows all possible signs of hyperactivity. Several types of behavioral disorders and their manifestations of


are indeed related to hyperactivity in dogs. Usually, disobedience: when the dog is ordered to stop or return to its feet, it will not perform. Lack of socialization may also be a problem. She is often separated from her mother and children too early. In fact, the basis of hierarchy and social interaction is formed in the first few weeks of puppies’ life with their family.

hyperactive dogs may also eat too fast: in addition to behavioral disorders, eating disorders.

everything, In the environment of hyperactive dogs, it is likely to stimulate, excite and cause the dog to shake in any direction: there is minimal noise and movement at any time of the day or night.

is based on all these reasons, It’s not easy to live with such a dog. But this is not impossible. There are some measures to reduce the intensity and impact of this over activity.

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trying to stay calm. It’s obviously easier said than done. However, in the face of a dog running around and destroying everything on the road, it is essential to keep calm. Our dog companions are very sensitive to our attitude. When we feel nervous and stressed, they will also become very sensitive.

the more a person pays attention to keeping calm in this situation, the more likely the dog is to keep calm. On the contrary, when you are angry and screaming, it will only aggravate the uneasiness of animals.

so the first thing you have to do is learn to keep Zen when your dog is not Zen.

treats dog anxiety

Dog ADHD must also be treated upstream, that is, at the level of possible causes. Among them, anxiety is common. The question is how to deal with the causes of this anxiety: the situation, the place, anything that the dog sees as negative and unpleasant. This means that when the dog shows the desired behavior, it connects anxiety factors with positive feelings by praising it

provides more

activities for dogs. Dogs are naturally active (wolves live in groups with their parents and other puppies, which will stimulate them at any time). Let him stay at home all day without giving him enough opportunities to spend, which is the best way to make his ADHD outbreak.

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on the contrary, you must prolong your walking time, Let him exercise more and concentrate his extra energy. Activities such as agility are particularly appropriate because they allow animals to vent themselves and improve coordination and attention.

we must also use these exercises to practice obedience: don’t throw the ball to it, Frisbee or stick, unless it obeys the command of “sitting” or “lying down”, such as



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