A man rescues a stray, bald and burnt dog. Unrecognizable, its recovery thanks to love is dazzling!

When we discover the photos of Kelly today and those from her rescue, we can hardly believe that it is the same dog. The transformation has been spectacular. She is now enjoying her new life, far from the extreme suffering that was hers in the past.

While passing through the Utah desert , a man saw an animal in the distance, lost in the middle of the arid expanses of the state of the American West. As he approached it, he realized that it was a dog in great distress . She had, in fact, lost all of her hair due to the itch , and her skin had burned in the sun . As soon as he called her, she got into his car.

As soon as they arrived at the refuge, her treatment began, mainly based on antibiotics and medicated baths .

After a month the progress was admirable. Her dress began to grow back and she no longer looked sore. She took a liking to walks and the company of humans . She was also very friendly with her fellows , whom she warmly welcomed upon their arrival at the Utah adoption center.

A DNA analysis made it possible to determine Kelly’s breed : Epagneul Breton . Moreover, his behavior corresponds perfectly to it. The volunteers, in fact, saw it on several occasions instinctively stop when they saw birds .

Kept at the shelter, the bitch had to be sterilized before receiving dental treatment , while waiting to find her the best possible adoption family.


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