20 funny photos of animals that prove the world would be sad without them

Our pets are our inexhaustible source of happiness. As these photos illustrate.

Our 4-legged companions are both hilarious and endearing. Dog and cat owners will be the first to witness this. They would also add that they could no longer contemplate their life without them. Because the world would be very sad then.

Here are 20 photos that illustrate the happiness of having a pet.

1. Like mother, like litter of 7 puppies

2. The troublemaker is a dog

3. They support each other to better spy on neighbors

4. The whole troop is present to smell the good smell of the stew that is cooking.

5. He seems to have suddenly remembered something

6. The dog is comfortably asleep and that’s what matters

7. He gets behind as his master told him, while making sure to recall his presence.

8. A dog modeled after his feline roommate will adopt his habits

9. The ball was caught in mid-flight after this photo was taken.

10. This Chihuahua is worried about the health of this carrot

11. The existential crisis of dogs looks like this

12. A dog who taunts metro passengers, holed up in his bag

13. He is very influenced by the Olympics at the moment

14. The basket is no longer at its size, but the cupboard will know how to hold it

15. A photo shoot under the theme of funny faces

16. This dog is proof that the world would not go smoothly without our pets

17. This dog is not making the best use of his kennel

18. He comes back from a game of roulades in the freshly watered garden

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19. The attitude of a puppy who does not want to come home yet

20. The kings of the car ride


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