This 10-month-old puppy detects a fire starting in an electrical outlet and attracts the attention of his parents to save them

Willow is only 10 months old, but this young bitch is already a heroine. She saved the life of her whole family when she realized that a fire had started which could have been devastating. Her owners are extremely proud of her.

Caitlyn Radel-Paaby lives in Bel Air in the State of Maryland (Northeastern United States), with her companion and their toddler , but also their dog Willow . This 10 month old female Pyrenean Mountain Dog is very affectionate and always celebrates her mistress when she comes home, even after a brief absence .

So, on November 25, when the young woman realized that Willow was not there to welcome her on her return after a few races, she felt that something was wrong .

She started looking around the house for it and eventually found it hiding under the desk . Willow looked unusually nervous and refused to leave the place. She barked too. Concerned, her owner was trying to figure out what was wrong. It was by touching the wall that she understood; the latter was very hot . Then she looked down and found sparks were flying from the electrical outlet under that same desk, reports The Dodo .

The couple immediately called the fire department , who quickly arrived on the scene and put an end to the electrical malfunction. The firefighters explained to them that if nothing had been done , a terrible fire would have broken out and devastated the whole house . In other words, if Willow had not sounded the alarm , a real disaster would have taken place.

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The next day the family celebrated Thanksgiving in good spirits and everyone thanked their dog heroine.


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