Veterinarian does all she can to treat dog burnt in her house fire

A dog has managed to escape a fire that destroyed her home and that of her owners. She was rescued by a neighbor who took her directly to the nearest hospital. In respiratory distress and severely burned, she was saved by the know-how of a veterinarian who did not hesitate to bring her home to continue her care and find her a new home.

How did Taka escape a death foretold ? No one will ever know. A miracle , without a doubt. And seeing this bitch survive is enough for everyone’s happiness. Starting with his family of origin. A family who saw their home in Georgia ( United States ) burned to the ground . A devastating fire that nearly killed Taka , the 8-year-old Shiba-Inu dog.

Too burnt eyes

A female dog left inside the house, against her will, by her family. Stuck. Taka however found the opening and managed to escape. She ended up with a neighbor who, seeing her burned around her eyes, mouth, ears and stomach , immediately took her to the nearest veterinary hospital .

There she was taken care of by veterinarian Emily Martin.We didn’t know how serious her injuries were, because the first thing we had to do was look at the effects of smoke inhalation ,” she tells The Dodo. But Taka would eventually lose his eyes , due to the severe burns he suffered. She also had to be transported to another department, in order to connect her to a machine delivering oxygen to her . Yes, Taka was in respiratory distress .

Taka is incredibly sweet

The calm shown by the dog when she was taken care of by Emily touched her. Shortly after, she had obtained the consent of the family to keep her and put her back on her feet . In the end, she even plans to adopt it .

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Because, fallen under the spell of Taka, Emily did not hesitate a second to bring her home to continue the care . Her gentleness is remarkable , especially since she suffers martyrdom . “ She is in really bad pain but we hope she will be well,Emily says, worried, but satisfied to see such a cuddly dog . Will she be Taka’s next owner? Questions fuse. Because Emily already has 5 dogs and a 7 month old baby. Either way, she vowed to find a welcoming future home for Taka .


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