When does his dog need an orthopedic doctor?

Illustration : "Dans quel cas faire appel à un ostéopathe pour son chien ?"

can be used by dog orthopedic doctors in various situations. Most functions can be improved from muscles to respiratory tract, to digestive and nervous system. Reproductive disorders, posture or movement problems, joint problems, dog care, kidney problems, digestive problems, skin diseases, respiratory problems, behavior and nerve problems, sports dog prevention

the following are the main indications of dog bone diseases. In bone disease patients who have received bone disease training or who have passed the aptitude test approved by the Veterinary Association, the treatment usually lasts for 3 / 4 hours to 1 hour.

reproductive disorder “bone disease in”

“dogs can affect various reproductive disorders, Especially in female dogs.

orthopedic doctors can treat women with lack or irregular fever and women with difficult delivery.

posture or movement problems

posture imbalance and asymmetry can also lead to Common indications for dog bone disease. One stage of dog bone disease treatment is to observe the animal’s posture, whether stationary or moving, to detect possible abnormalities.

bone disease allows the correction of motor problems, such as claudication, Especially in puppies.

joint disorder

can reduce joint pain due to bone diseases, such as elderly dogs and dogs with osteoarthritis.

“sciatica, sprain and arm pain (neck arm neuralgia, equivalent to sciatica on the arm) It can also be treated by dog bone disease.

dog care

bone disease can be applied to newborn or elderly dogs, using mild and adaptable techniques and operations.

any puppy that encounters difficulties in sucking can be taken care of,

this method can also correct injuries related to calving or caused by other puppies or mothers.

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dogs with chronic renal failure can be alleviated by canine bone disease. This disease is equivalent to the loss of renal endocrine, metabolic and excretory capacity. The bone disease services of


dogs are also used to treat urinary diseases, such as urinary incontinence. The bone diseases of


dogs include: It acts on cystitis and bladder inflammation. It is usually due to bacteria on its wall.

digestive system disease

in order to treat digestive system diseases, dog bone diseases also respond. It can relieve constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, intestinal gas disorder (swelling, etc.).

skin disease

bone disease is aimed at the skin condition and health problems of dogs,

if an animal often licks itself, if it somehow loses itIf hair is often scratched or eczema, it can be treated by an orthopaedic veterinarian or an osteologist who has the right to work on pets. Respiratory diseases are not excluded from the scope of dog bone diseases: shortness of breath, cough, airway blockage…

see also: the benefits of dog bone diseases

behavior and neurological diseases

bone diseases are also allowed

is a perfect complement to behavioral therapy.

exercise dog prevention

orthopedic doctors can take care of dogs in exercise, Promote recovery at home and prepare muscles and joints for exercise. “

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