Stray puppy finds a way to save his whole family by guiding rescuers to them through a forest

In China, volunteers came to rescue a stray puppy, unaware that he was not the only one to save. The little dog managed to convince them to follow him where the rest of the siblings were waiting for help.

Last May, the Chinese organization Northeast Animal Rescue received a call informing them that a stray puppy needed to be rescued in a wooded area. Arriving at the scene, the volunteers did indeed discover a small black-coated dog , which was at the edge of the forest, near the road, as reported by Animal Channel .

When the members of Northeast Animal Rescue got out of their vehicle to approach the young canine, he was not afraid . Usually, stray dogs run away when a stranger comes towards them. So that wasn’t the case here and that meant he was probably used to living with humans. There was thus much to believe that he had been abandoned .

The puppy then headed for the forest, but not to flee, as he came back to the volunteers several times. He wanted, in fact, to invite them to follow him . This is indeed what they did.

After a few meters, they found 2 more puppies . These were his siblings. He had gone to get help for them.3 The Northeast Animal Rescue team first gave them water , which the little dogs drank at full speed. They were clearly very thirsty … And hungry too, since they then swallowed the food brought by their rescuers with so much greed.

The volunteers waited there for a while, hoping for the possible appearance of their mother , but there was no sign of her. They then took them to their premises, where the puppies were given a good bath and were able to rest .

They were to stay at the Northeast Animal Rescue shelter until their adoption .


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