What is a bar?

Illustration : "Qu'est-ce que le BARF ?"

some dog owners give up croquet and other forms of industrial dog food and eat natural raw food instead. They chose a low-fat diet for their dogs in the hope of improving their health and well-being. What is a bar? Kdspe


barf is a substitute for industrial dog food. The expected benefits and disadvantages of

barf are that industrial dog food should make our life easier and ensure that our companions have sufficient nutritional intake, In the past few years, many people have opposed them. Natural and organic alternative diet patterns are proposed, and more or less powerful arguments are put forward for each diet. The wahad diet, raw food, natural pruning, and the use of probiotics or algae are part of these commandments, which are designed to feed dogs in different ways. Another example is a bar. Although its foundation has existed for a long time, its theorization can be traced back to about a quarter of a century ago. At barf, the focus is on raw meat, but not just raw meat. Let’s look at its different aspects and principles.

barf is an alternative to industrial dog food.

barf is an acronym, which means “biologically suitable raw food”. This is a pet feeding method that has been banned for many years, but in the early 1990s, its theoretical application was attributed to Dr. Ian Billinghurst, an Australian veterinarian. This is to allow our dogs to eat in a way similar to wild canine cousins and ancestors. In other words, they must eat as much as they eat when hunting prey in the wild.

quit, so croquet and pie. Barf also excluded cereals because cereals were not part of the dog’s diet before domestication. According to the basic principle of biologically appropriate primitive food, the dog’s menu must respect its status as a carnivore.

starch, such as rice and pasta, has no place in barf dog feed. The feed consists of the following:

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barf Barf supporters believe that industrial food is not only not suitable for dogs, but also can lead to diseases and disorders: overweight, hormone disorders, diabetes, growth and reproductive disorders…


barf can prevent these diseases. Among other things, it promises:

to improve food digestibility, reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity, better hair, better transportation and stool, improve oral health, and improve overall well-being by allowing dogs to chew more food.

these results depend on, Of course, the principle of barf should be applied correctly, especially in balancing intake, food quality and freshness, especially meat.


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are the main difficulties of the diet. No basic knowledgeOn the advice of the veterinarian, this is not obvious. There is a risk of deficiency and / or excess of some nutrients.

barf is also accused of being expensive and requiring fresh products, so it is difficult to store, which is impractical in the case of limited time, resources and space.

finally, If you say that raw food is at risk of bacteria and parasites, you must keep it clean and hygienic before giving your dog food. “

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