A woman run over and injured by a train while trying to save a dog on the tracks! (video)

While trying to save her dog running towards the tracks, a young woman was hit by a train and had to be hospitalized urgently. A momentum of solidarity has developed around her and her family.

Rachelle , 19, almost died trying to save her dog . In doing so, she was seriously injured and has been hospitalized ever since, as reported by GMA News Online .

The images first show a white dog crossing the street , then heading towards the rails , bordered on both sides by a succession of stalls . We then see Rachelle chasing the quadruped, trying to catch up with him before the approaching train arrives. Subsequently, the people present on the scene are agitated . They seem shocked for the most part, and for good reason; they have just witnessed the accident . The young woman was hit by the train . She saved her dog Buddy .

Her mother Elsie was in shock when she heard the terrible news. It was, for her, something unthinkable , knowing that the family had lived there for a long time and that Rachelle knew the danger represented by the train. She adds that her daughter has always loved dogs and that she raises 2. Buddy , 9 months old, is her favorite, letting him sleep next to her .

It is fortunate that Rachelle survived the accident, but her care will be long and expensive . To help his parents pay the 70,000 Philippine pesos (approximately 1,200 euros) that his care costs, neighbors have mobilized by creating a kitty . The show “ Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho ” also made a financial contribution , while a donor provided a wheelchair .

Rachelle will have to undergo another procedure to receive metal plates in her hip , suffering from multiple fractures . According to the doctors, if her operation, her post-operative care and her rehabilitation go as planned, the young woman will be able to resume an almost normal life and activity .

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Buddy , he seems very affected morally . According to Elsie , he has lost weight and has not been as active since the incident, although he made it physically unharmed thanks to his mistress.


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