Worried by the departure of his young mistress, this dog watches over her until the arrival of her school bus!

The loyalty of dogs is limitless, so too is their benevolence. The video in question here is the best proof of this. It’s easy to see why she’s gone viral, as she shows off a Mastiff accompanying her owners’ daughter and making sure she gets on the bus safely taking her to school.

Besides his imposing and dissuasive physique , the Mastiff is a caring and very affectionate dog . He is moreover not only with his master, but also towards all the members of his family , starting with the children . An attitude that is perfectly reflected in the video below, filmed from his house by a relative. A sequence which immortalizes an adorable and admirable scene .

Posted on November 26 on the YouTube platform and lasting just under a minute, this video quickly toured the Internet and social networks.

We therefore see, in the distance and in front of the home of the family concerned, a Mastiff breed dog quietly seated close to the daughter of his masters and his schoolmate. The 2 children are waiting for the school bus .

The dog is there to make sure the girl is safe and that she gets on the bus safely. The yellow vehicle finally arrives and the quadruped does not leave his post, attentively observing his little protégé as she climbs the steps .

It is only when the doors close and the school bus starts up again that the Mastiff gets up and comes running back home , with the feeling of duty accomplished

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