The express rescue of a couple of dogs allows the birth of their litter!

Inseparable, a dog and a bitch who lived in an abandoned school were saved in time by a California association. The female was, in fact, expecting little ones.

Founded by Eldad Hagar and based in Los Angeles , the Hope for Paws association has many rescues of stray and distressed dogs to its name. The one in question here took place in June 2017.

Hope for Paws had been contacted by residents who had noticed a couple of dogs living in an abandoned school in their neighborhood. When the volunteers arrived on the scene, it was first the Pitbull dog that appeared, sticking her head out through a small opening under the stairs. They managed to attract him to them by handing him some food .

Shortly after, the male, a German Shepherd cross, came out to meet them. The female was clearly pregnant .

The folks at Hope for Paws continued to bait them with food until they reached a cage they had set up beforehand that closed over the dog. Seeing this, the bitch got scared and returned to her hiding place . A cage was then placed near the stairs with something to eat inside and, about thirty minutes later, the dog found herself trapped there.

Eldad Hagar and his partners were able to take them to the vet . A few days later, the Pitbull dog, whom they named Tooney , gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies . They are all healthy, just like their mothers, and would be offered for adoption when they were old enough. The dad, who received the name Sully , has already been adopted and has thus been able to start his new life .

Here is their story in video

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