Mikel Arteta, coach of the Arsenal football team, also adopts a watchdog for the sum of 22,000 euros!

Football players are often victims of theft. This is why they acquire guard dogs, like the Arsenal trainer.

Elite Protection Dogs is an English company with a reputation for training guard dogs .

More and more soccer players rely on it when they decide to protect their home. Indeed, football players are wealthy and very often absent from their homes. This greatly exposes them to the risk of theft and burglary.

In order to ensure the protection of their property and their families, a guard dog is an ideal solution. Hugo Lloris, Raheem Sterling and Paul Pogba , among others, have all bought guard dogs.

Sportune reports that Mikel Arteta , Arsenal coach, has decided to do the same. The latter spent 20,000 pounds, or 22,000 euros, with the agency Elite Protection Dogs.

Mikel Arteta has become the master of a Dutch Shepherd .

Arteta coached Manchester City between 2016 and 2019. He lived in the suburbs of Manchester . But since the manager was chosen to coach Arsenal Gunners, Arteta has had to move. So he settled in London.

As thefts are more and more against athletes, midfielder Jack Whilshere and Moise Kean have also acquired a watchdog from the same agency Elite Protection Dogs .

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Guard dogs are specially trained to be docile and affectionate with their owners and families. Particularly aggressive towards people not authorized to enter their property.

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