A dog manages to seduce the police and get his owner released after his arrest!

Reporte056 / YouTube

The owner of this dog owes him a debt of gratitude and must have rewarded him that night, which he risked going to the police station without his intervention.

In the Dominican Republic, a man arrested by the police can be happy to have been quickly reached at the police station by his dog . It is, in fact, thanks to the latter that he was released , as reported by The Dodo .

The scene took place a few days ago in Cotui , a city in the Cibao region in the center of this Caribbean country.

A young man had just been arrested by the Dominican police for not respecting the curfew . The government had recently set up the latter in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 . In the Dominican Republic, a country of 11 million people, the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected more than 121,000 people and caused nearly 2,200 deaths to date.

As he was handcuffed and faced the police in the reception area of the police station, his dog burst into the room and began to circle his owner, wagging his tail .

A scene that moved the police officers, who finally decided to let him go with a simple verbal warning.

It was also filmed by a witness. The video (below), posted on October 11 on YouTube, shows the quadruped outside the police station, then entering to meet his master. We then see one of the police officers going to get his keys to unlock the handcuffs, as well as his superior lecturing the individual before releasing him.

The man could not ask for a better lawyer to plead his case …

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