15 photos illustrating the metamorphosis of a sad and sick dog into a happy and vigorous companion

In Bali, some people are trying to save as many stray dogs as possible. A man named Aaron did his share of good deed by helping Homer, an animal found in the street in a terrible state …

Some dogs live in appalling conditions, sometimes for years, before finding a warm and loving home forever. Homer has lived the sad experience of vagrancy in the city of Bali , where no one has deigned to look at him. Until the day a Good Samaritan crossed his path …

Unlike others, Aaron didn’t just walk his way when he saw the sad, hurt and lonely canine at the side of the pavement. “ I stopped, fearing he would be hit by a car. I enlisted the help of a few guys from a tire store and we managed to push the dog to one side of the road, ”the kindhearted man told BoredPanda .

As he got closer, he noticed tumors on his bruised body. Hungry and dehydrated, Homer was in agony.

Fortunately, thanks to his kindness and compassion, the wanderer was able to be rescued. After receiving a lot of care, he was even adopted! He has transformed into a fluffy and vigorous fellow, who now swims in an ocean of love.

Here are 15 photos shared by @sun_and_sage on Instagram, illustrating the incredible transformation of this once stray and unhappy dog …

1. Aaron saw the unhappy dog hanging out by the side of the road

2. The dog was hungry, dehydrated and sick.

3. The Good Samaritan has decided to lend him a hand

4. Homer was taken to a veterinary clinic

5. The healers found out he had cancer …

6. The dog received shock treatment for several months

7. Homer finally got over it, he conquered his illness!

8. He even regained confidence in human beings.

9. Homer started wagging his tail and playing

10. Aaron stayed by his side

11. The animal has regained its zest for life …

12. … and even his hair!

13. One day, a friend of Aaron introduced herself

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14. She fell in love with the fluffy canine and adopted it!

15. Today, Homer is a dog filled with love


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