Lady Gaga’s dog walker has resumed his duties with the singer after her terrible assault

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Almost 4 months after coming close to the worst, Ryan Fischer has resumed his job as a dog walker and is back to walking Lady Gaga’s dogs. Good news for the interested party, the star, the canines themselves and all those who have followed this affair.

Ryan Fischer recovered from his gunshot wounds and resumed his activity, as reported by TMZ on Monday, May 17.

At the end of February, the young man was walking Lady Gaga’s 3 French Bulldogs in Los Angeles , while the latter was filming in Rome , when armed individuals shot him.

The attackers then seized 2 of the dogs, Gustav and Koji . The 3rd, a female named Miss Asia, had fled before being recovered shortly after by police. His fellows were brought back a few days later by a woman in her fifties, suspected of being the kidnappers’ accomplice. As such, she was arrested by the police, along with 4 other people.

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Ryan Fischer , he lived several weeks of hospitalization. Seriously injured, the doctors had to remove part of a lung. After a period of hesitation where he was between life and death, he climbed back up and left the hospital.

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In great shape and back to work

He even went back to work recently, resuming his job as a dog-walker, or dog walker. Last Friday (May 14), he was seen and photographed as he showed up at Lady Gaga’s home with his arms laden with gifts and flowers intended for the American singer and actress. He appeared to be in great shape.

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We imagine that Gustav , Koji and Miss Asia were delighted to see Ryan Fischer , this man who had almost lost his life taking care of them. According to TMZ , he no longer walks them at night, as he did before, but exclusively during the day.

For their part, the 3 suspected kidnappers are being prosecuted for attempted murder and aggravated theft. The other 2 suspects are for complicity. </p

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