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it’s always difficult to name a dog. Sometimes it’s a headache. When it’s done: great! But the hardest thing is: tell your dog his name.

executive summary

suggestion 1: choose the right name suggestion 2: promote a less exciting environment suggestion 3: establish a positive association suggestion 4: adjust your voice suggestion 5: don’t punish, Don’t stick to recommendation 6 in case of failure: adjust the learning curriculum recommendation 7: ensure learning in case of difficulties Before you want to teach your dog his name, you should choose a name that is easy to say every day. Therefore, you should choose a name with no more than two syllables.


, don’t hesitate to say his name out loud regularly, and then like “Medor, come here!” Therefore, you will know whether the name sounds good and whether it is easy to use in daily life.

tip 2: cultivate a less exciting environment.

start learning. It is very important to put yourself in a less exciting environment, whether it is a dog’s name or other names.

in fact, A puppy is easily distracted, even if it’s just a leaf flying! In fact, I suggest you arrange work meetings for him where he knows, if possible.

in addition, when you start learning, it’s best to be alone. Only in this way can you increase difficulties: outdoors, with people, learning with other dogs, etc.

suggestion 3: establish a positive connection.

dogs learn mainly through conditioned reflex. The purpose here is to let your dog know that his name “Medor” is always accompanied by a reward.


can let you learn his name from your dog and start remembering and learning!

use the puppy’s age to establish this positive connection, which is its most acceptable age.

therefore, regularly, say “Mido” for a few minutes at a time, and give your puppy a candy. Therefore, when he hears the word and his name, he will be very curious and interested.

suggestion 4: adjust his voice intonation

to attract your dog’s attention. Don’t hesitate to have a very sharp voice to motivate him to come to you. This tone will also generate strong motivation.

if you have a serious voice and a firm tone, your dog hardly wants to come to you, so on the contrary, if you have a pleasant and energetic voice, he will be more interested.

suggestion 5: don’t punish, If your puppy doesn’t notice you, don’t blame it! He is a completely illiterate person, so you can’t blame him because he doesn’t know or understand your expectations for him!

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to make you question yourself and find out the reasons for your failure: is the environment inappropriate, your attitude too closed, or your voice too serious? It depends on what you analyze and observe.

but if your puppy doesn’t care, don’t insist that you call him there. Readjust your aTtitude (enter the acute phase, pat your legs, squat down, etc.), but if you see your dog continue to ignore you, do the same.

in the next class, you will choose a less distracting environment, To give your puppy a more attractive reward, or a more open attitude. You can even give it a string to control it and make preliminary adjustments: “its name” = candy.

suggestion 6: adjust the

learning course. Most importantly, don’t work with your dog for too long. It needs to rest between each training, Go out to play and take a walk. The learning course of the name


should not exceed 5 minutes, but of course it can be repeated several times a day.


in addition to learning through regulation, dogs can also learn through habit. Therefore, the more regular and consistent you are in the course, the faster you will learn Once your dog fits his name perfectly in it, and he understands what this means: go back to my master and get some candy or any other form of reward, you can complicate the exercise.

of course, Don’t walk too fast and risk having to go back to the starting point, but you can provide work meetings for your dog in the garden, then walk in the park (always wearing a belt to ensure safety), then with other dogs in the park, and so on. However, please pay attention to your consistency! If it’s hard for your puppy to say his name at home or in the garden, don’t expect him to have a different name when playing with his peers in the park. Therefore, be completely fair and consistent in what you ask your dog to do, so that you won’t let yourself fall into failure.


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Smile, bend over or squat on your dog, ask him to pat your leg or the floor, let your dog come, don’t walk towards it, but “suck” it back. Finally, of course, when your dog recognizes its name, whether through a simple look, Ear movement, or better yet, come back to you: warmly congratulate your dog with his favorite food, toys or other rewards

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