A hunter discovers the surprising reason that drives a dog to run away!

In Canada, a couple recently saw their dog be away for a few days. When he returned, he had no idea where he had taken up residence. Garry , neighbor and hunter, was able to take pictures and videos of the dog. She had joined a deer at the edge of a snow-covered field. Deer with which she has never shown an ounce of aggression.

The bitch was sleeping, eating and having fun with the deer

The dog’s name is Koda . Shortly before, this 2-year-old Husky had taken flight from his home. She left Rachel and Clinton , her 2 owners, in the greatest worry. Three days passed before Koda reappeared, as if nothing had happened. Except that in the meantime, his escapade had been filmed by Garry Suderman , a local hunter .

The bitch would have done this to protect the deer

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Shortly after this story, and to meet Koda’s need for presence , Rachel and Clinton decided to adopt another canine . Buck will have to keep company as best as possible with a Koda which could well try again its luck by setting out again in the adventure.


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