Bound to death: dog dies 15 minutes after master

Nothing could separate Stuart and his dog Nero. Nothing except death, which unfortunately took them both fifteen minutes apart.

Stuart Hutchison , 25, had been battling the disease for 8 years. Unfortunately, this one ended up getting the better of him. And his lifelong companion, his dog Nero , in turn died about fifteen minutes later.

Stuart suffered from a brain tumor , detected in 2011. Despite several operations and chemotherapy, the disease continued to progress. The young man could however count on the unwavering support of his French Bulldog Nero and of Danielle , 22, whom he had known 6 years ago and married last January. The couple, who lived in Alloa , Scotland, had 2 other dogs : 2 females named Nala and Amelia . However, the bond between Stuart and Nero was much stronger. Both were inseparable .

Last spring, Stuart’s state of health had deteriorated considerably. The cancer had affected his entire brain, then spread to his bones. He didn’t have much longer to live and therefore spent the last 4 weeks with his parents, with his wife.

One morning, Danielle realized that her glasses were broken. She had another pair in her apartment and her father took it upon herself to pick them up for her, in order to let Danielle spend as much time as possible with her dying husband. Arriving at his daughter and Stuart’s home , he found a very badly damaged Nero . He immediately took him to the veterinary emergency room , where he was told that the dog had a spinal injury . Until then, he had never had a health problem .

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Then the sad day arrived; on August 11, Stuart left this world around 1:15 p.m. Nero expired in his turn, a quarter of an hour later , to reach the paradise of the dogs. A terrible double loss for the family, the story of which, reported by Metro , touched many people both in Scotland and elsewhere in the world.


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